4 Tools To Know Around Your Dentist’s Office

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4 Tools To Know Around Your Dentist’s Office

4 Tools To Know Around Your Dentist's Office

Have you ever taken a look around your dentist’s office and questioned what on earth all the strange-looking tools were? If so, you are not alone. As it turns out, most people have no idea what the tools are that their dentists use.

If despite your lack of familiarity with dentistry tools, you find yourself curious about what your dentist is sticking in your mouth, then this article can help. See how many of these you recognize.

1. Explorers

When your dentist starts prodding around to explore what is going on in your oral cavity, she or he is most likely using an explorer. Ideal for spotting decay, furcations and other abnormalities, these tools are often part of most routine cleanings. 

2. Handpieces

When you go to the dentist for a little more work, however, you might end up seeing a dental slowspeed handpiece up close more often than the explorer. As the tool that helps your dentist drill into your teeth for repairs, you will likely see it whenever you need a filling or root canal.  

3. Periodontal Probes

Periodontal probes are exactly what the term sounds like; dentists use these tools for literally probing around your teeth to look more closely at what is going on. If it ever feels like your dentist is sort of “picking” at your teeth, they are probably using a periodontal probe. 

4. Extracting Forceps

Are you going to the dentist to remove one of your teeth? If so, your dentist will be using extracting forceps to help him or her to complete the job. Somewhat like giant pliers in appearance, this tool helps dentists grip and remove teeth.Now that you have some more familiarity with all of the gadgets that surround you while you are in the dentist’s office, you can impress him or her by sharing your knowledge.

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