Choose the Right Hair Dryer for Your Hair Types

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Choose the Right Hair Dryer for Your Hair Types

Drying hair is practical with a hair dryer, but with different hair types, you should use different types of hair dryer, do you know that?

Hair care to make hair black and sparkling is endless. When shampooing you try to always keep the beauty of your hair by using various products such as shampoo and conditioner. After shampooing, surely you will dry your hair, either with a towel or a hair dryer. If your time is cramped, using a hair dryer will definitely be your choice. Did you know that using the wrong hair dryer can make hair look dull and dry?

Apparently, it’s not always true. If you choose the right hair dryer according to your hair type and in the right way, you can avoid your hair from damage. For more tips about hair dryer, visit

How to Choose Hair Dryer Based on the Hair Type

Here is how to choose a hair dryer based on the type of hair you should know because not all hair types can be likened to any hairdryer use.

1.       Normal Hair

This type of hair is not greasy, but it is not dry. How to treat it more easily than other types of hair. The use of temperatures that are too hot can make hair dry and expand. To dry it, avoid excessively high temperatures in the hair dryer, choose medium heat temperature.

2.       Dry Hair

Dry hair type that easily wrinkled, difficult to comb and fragile. Often, this type of hair looks chapped and unhealthy. For those of you who have this type of hair, you should choose a hair dryer with tourmaline to keep the hair moist when drying your hair. Hairdryer tourmaline emits infrared heat and negative ions make the heat that comes out softer on the hair that makes hair look shiny and not expands when dry. This hair dryer also makes the hair last longer in hot hair dryer condition without making damage to hair.

3.       Oily Hair

Oil glands that are too active because of high hormone levels cause the hair so often looks limp and dandruff. Dust and dirt became more attached, so the hair looks dull. For those of you who have oily hair, avoid tourmaline. Choose a regular hair dryer, and give a distance of about 20-30 cm when drying the hair.

4.       Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to have a dry, rough and breakable texture. To keep the condition for curly hair remains smooth, choose a hair dryer with diffuser so as not to disturb the natural pattern of hair.

5.       Straight Hair

If you are in a healthy condition and excellent, hair scales on the hair cuticle will be neatly arranged flat. This makes the hair straight so it looks smooth and shiny. If you want extra volume on straight hair, avoid hair dryers that have ionic technology. Use hairdryer at high speed.


So, what’s your hair type? Whatever your hair type is, given the proper care, you can easily maintain the quality of your hair. Hair care begins with the correct drying technique. Good luck!