Everything You Should Know About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

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Everything You Should Know About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

You probably know that in the last few decades it is mandatory to be completely free of illegal drugs so that you can start working for some prominent company.

Therefore, most employers have a mandatory policy that allows them to screen every job applicant for alcohol and drug use.

Of course, everything depends on the state law as well as the company’s policy, which means that the employer has to notify job applicant beforehand that the screening is a mandatory part of the company’s regulations. However, there are ways to pass drug tests, especially if they are on short notice.

At the same time, you should learn about various testing methods that are common nowadays. Most of them will have the ability to detect drug and alcohol use.

We are talking about blood analysis, urinalysis, and breath test for alcohol content, sweat drug tests, and mouth swab analysis.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing                                              

This is the most common reason for screening because state and federal laws allow them to do it as part of drug-free working place policy. However, they can also conduct random drug tests for current employees under specific circumstances.

Have in mind that drug testing laws tend to vary from state to state, and in some areas, some limitations are protecting potential employees.

On the other hand, for some specific industries that are regulated by the Department of Transportation and other federal jobs require mandatory testing.

In some states, for instance, the employer cannot test one applicant, or only a batch of them, because that is considered an invasion of privacy. Therefore, he/she can check everyone or no one. The best way to learn more on drug policies is by clicking here for more information.

Drug Testing Policies

Most companies will have to protect themselves and their safety and productivity of workers by finding entirely drug-free employees. We recommend you to review the entire company’s testing policy to see when and how they conduct screenings for alcohol and drug use.

Some state and federal laws have mandatory guidelines that employers have to follow when they are setting policies about substance abuse. They can easily prohibit the consumption of alcohol and drug, conduct random screening, and terminate the contract with employees that fail.

However, the contradiction lies in the idea that people with substance abuse problems are protection by state and federal laws regulating disabilities and discrimination.

As a prospective job candidate, you will have to pass a specific alcohol and drug screenings before signing a hiring contract. At the same time, the same thing can happen in the workplace based on particular regulations and policy.

The best way to pass it is to abstain entirely so that you can cleanse your blood and urine. When it comes to the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, that created an additional complication to employees because based on Federal laws, the cannabis is not legal.

Therefore, employers can ban the use and stop the potential job candidate from starting working due to a positive drug test.

On the other hand, you should remember that some states feature laws that are protecting users of medicinal marijuana, which means that they are considered as people with disabilities and are treated the same way.

♦1. Blood Analysis

Blood is one of the oldest methods for checking the drug content in someone’s body. At the same time, employers rarely conduct it because it requires a specific situation, medical environment as well as professional staff that will handle everything.

The main problem with it is that drugs tend to leave bloodstream in a matter of days, which means that it is efficient for short-term detection. Typical addition wills employer use in combination with urinalysis so that he can determine both short and long-term abuse.

♦2. Mouth Swab Tests

We can also call it oral fluids, or saliva drug test, and the process includes taking saliva from your mouth by using a specific brush that wills tale drug byproducts with it.

The best thing about it is the affordable price tag and the ability to get immediate results, which is the main reason for its popularity among employers.

However, it is having short-term detection since drugs leave your mouth in a matter of hours, and that is the disadvantage that you should remember beforehand.

It is challenging to tamper with it but have in mind that whatever you decide to avoid buying expensive products that are stating that you can cleanse your mouth in a matter of hours. To know more about the mouth swab test, you can visit this link: https://usamdt.com/drug-testing/mouth-swab-drug-test/.

  • Hair Follicle Drug Test

Even though it is the most expensive testing method, which is why most employers neglected it in the last decade, with it, you can detect three months of the previous usage.

It is not an invasive method, because the administrator will take 1.5 inches of hair strand from your shaft and in a matter of days, you will know the results. Since drugs enter hair follicle through the bloodstream, new hair that pops out from it contains traces of drugs you consumed.

Therefore, if you smoked a joint, and you take a hair drug test the next day, you will not fail it because the THC did not have time to reach your hair strands.

It requires between five and seven days until the new hair starts growing, which means that this screening method is not efficient for short-term usage. You should check out this link to learn how to efficiently do it.

  • Urinalysis

You probably already know that this particular type of screening is one of the most popular and used by employers from all industries. The main reason for that is due to its affordable price tag as well as accuracy that will provide you peace of mind.

The main idea that is that you will take a urine sample in a medical lab under supervision and technicians will check for presences of drug metabolites and residues.

The problem can happen because THC tends to remain in urine for plenty of time when compared with more illicit drugs. Therefore, if you smoke weed regularly, you will need at least a month to cleanse your urine thoroughly.