Most generally this term is aligned with hair that has originated in India and refers to the highest quality offered. It may be used as well to refer to European or Russian obtained supplies, however for salons and other purchasers it is wise to fully investigate the actual type similar to what is natural to ensure customer satisfaction.

Virgin Remi not a virgin wholesale hair has not been processed by methods such as coloring and perming which result in damage to the cuticle. Single drawn will contain hair of different lengths and packaged as it was cut. Remy types created from the double drawn process will have been sorted and arranged to ensure it is of all one length. Double drawn Remy will be more costly than single drawn and virgin hair will be higher priced than hair that has been treated.

Long hair may be color processed or permed prior to purchase so that they will match the wearer’s hair; however these processes damage the hair and will shorten the life. Silicone may have been added to disguise the damage from processing and determining the actual origin of the hair is often very difficult. By gently pulling strands through your fingers it may be possible to feel whether the cuticles are mismatched or damaged if it feels rough. Smooth feeling hair will last longer with fewer tangles and breakage.

Remy does provide manageable hair that is thick and luxurious and when gently shampooed and conditioned will last for a reasonable amount of time. Wearing long hair extensions in a braid at night or in a loose ponytail will help it to resist tangling and breakage. When brushing or combing long strands it is recommended to begin at the ends and work up.