Aside from proper nutrition and exercise, the most important thing a person can do to protect their health is to see their primary care physician as often as recommended. The frequency of these visits is determined by a person’s age, health, and family history. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center wants their patients to protect their health by understanding the importance of doctor visits.

Age Is a Determining Factor for How Often a Person Needs to See Their Doctor

Between the ages of birth and eighteen, children need to frequently see their doctor for recommended well checks that may be spaced months apart or every year, depending on their age. Adults between the ages of eighteen and forty-nine should schedule a well visit every one to three years, depending on their health and family history. Those individuals who are fifty and older need to schedule yearly appointments.

The above information is simply an age guide to help individuals stay on track with their health. When a person sees their doctor as often as recommended, they are more likely to find health issues before they cause a major crisis. A doctor will keep their patient informed of how often they need to be seen but it is up to the patient to be compliant.

When Should Individuals See the Doctor?

If any of the following is true, a person should schedule an appointment with their primary care doctor:

  • If a person cannot remember the last time they saw their physician, it is likely time to schedule an appointment.
  • Anytime new symptoms begin occurring, it is wise for a person to schedule an appointment.
  • Any changes in a person’s family medical history should prompt a person to contact their doctor.
  • If a person’s doctor asked them to follow up on test results or medication changes, it is imperative the patient follows their doctor’s orders.

Call to Schedule Your Appointment

If it has been some time since you last saw your primary care doctor, now is the time to call and schedule an appointment. With regular doctor’s visits, you can protect your health. To learn additional information on the many medical services Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers, visit their website.