Shark Cartilage: A Sea of Natural Health Alternatives

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Shark Cartilage: A Sea of Natural Health Alternatives

As more people focus on natural alternatives to prescription medications for their health, many have also become interested in a more natural approach for their pet’s health. As veterinary medical care has improved by leaps and bounds over the decades, mirroring the human medical field in many aspects, pets are now able to live longer, fuller lives than they did in the past. However, with longevity, pets now suffer from some of the same conditions we associate with ourselves as we age. For this reason, natural alternatives have become popular in the pet treat and supplement industry. One of the newest natural supplements is shark cartilage powder. Shark cartilage powder manufacturers have begun to produce treats and supplements to help pets age with grace.

Shark Cartilage as a Supplement

Unlike humans, the body of a shark is supported by a tissue called cartilage. Cartilage is a tough, fibrous tissue that acts just like the bones in our body. Shark cartilage is harvested from non-endangered sharks that have already been captured for the food industry. However, the tough nature of cartilage makes in unsavory for consumption. Instead, the cartilage is collected and processed into a powder for use as a nutritional supplement for humans and pets.

Benefits of Shark Cartilage

The positive effects of shark cartilage powder are still being studied, but there are some conditions that, as a natural supplement, shark cartilage may help alleviate. In humans, it may help with the treatment of certain cancers and improve overall wound-healing. The powder supplement may also help with the following:

  • Eye conditions: Glaucoma
  • Bone conditions: Arthritis
  • Stomach conditions: Ulcerative colitits

As owners start to look for more holistic approaches to treating their pets, supplements like shark cartilage powder can be useful. With natural remedies, pet owners can help their furry family members battle the signs of aging without prescription medication