Digital Imaging Provides for a Range of Investigative Machines and Techniques

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Digital Imaging Provides for a Range of Investigative Machines and Techniques

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In the old days of imaging, nothing was digital. Things have changed completely over the last decade though. Today imaging centers have committed themselves to delivering the most state of the art, high quality, and efficient digital x-ray imaging conceivable for diagnosis and treatment of patient customers. Their services include 3T High-Field MRI’s, Open MRI, 16 Slice CT Scan, High Resolution Ultrasound, and Digital X-ray.



3T High-Field MRI

This is an ingenuous open design MRI scanner. It allows for different sized and shaped patients to recline comfortably without fear or claustrophobia. This provides a great amount of flexibility to scan every part of the body. This now-proven technology delivers highest quality images that allow for your physician to perform accurate diagnoses.



Open MRI

MRI’s are both painless and completely safe. These noninvasive procedures deliver incredibly accurate representations of inside the body. The open MRI scanners were designed to be less confining than the old school MRI’s. Patients prefer the environment that gives more freedom and greater comfort. Thanks to the greater amount of room that these machines provide, the scanners offer a great variety of body types a more comfortable scanning experience.



16 Slice CT Scan

CT’s are computerized tomography scans. This provides images that can be viewed by computer as well as X-ray sensing units to reveal high detail precise images of soft tissues and bones.



High-Resolution Ultrasound

With a high-resolution ultrasound, you undergo a painless and completely safe sound wave investigative procedure that provides your physician with a peek of your body’s insides. Through the high detail images of your organs and tissues, the scan allows for medical doctors to diagnose a range of illnesses and conditions.

This level of ultrasound can be effectively employed to correctly and precisely diagnose a wide range of ailments impacting both tissues and organs in the body. Among these are the following: heart, abdomen, liver, breast, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, bladder, ovaries, and kidneys.



Digital X-Ray

The digital x-ray can be utilized effectively to diagnose many different conditions and pains. Among these are joint infections and injuries, bone fractures, abdominal pain, and foreign objects embedded within body tissues.

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