Is a Fidget Spinner the Answer?

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Is a Fidget Spinner the Answer?

Parents of autistic children are always on the lookout for tips and products that could help their children to feel more comfortable. Many of these parents are accustomed to paying a lot for the items that actually work. This is why it is refreshing for them to discover something like the fidget spinner that is so affordable and praised by many people that work with children with sensory issues. The spinners are not always effective in every instance with every child. Some children love them and are aided by them and others have no reaction. Here is how to decide whether or not to make this purchase.

  • The child us restless and is comforted by having something to hold onto or gives them something to do with their hands.
  • They enjoy lights (some fidgets have flashing lights) and movement.
  • They are old enough and responsible enough to not put the spinner in their mouth. There have been some injuries reported due to children swallowing pieces of the spinners.
  • They benefit from having a focus item because it helps them to remain calm or calm down when it is present.

There are many different sizes and colors of Autism fidgets. There are some with random patterns, logos and character fidgets. There are even cubes and some spinners that are operated by the feet. Some light up and others are Bluetooth enabled. This makes it possible for parents to choose a model that specifically suits the likes and dislikes of their child.

Most fidgets that are used for autistic and ADHD children are silent and do not have lights because they are used in a classroom setting. They are made this way since their purpose is to avoid any distraction in the classroom. The price is so affordable it is usually worth the minimal investment to purchase one just to see how a child will respond when they have a fidget available to them. Always discuss the product with teachers before allowing it to be brought into the classroom, monitor younger children with they use the item and always have a spare one available if it proves to be effective.