Medical Benefits of Marijuana

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Medical Benefits of Marijuana


Using marijuana for medical purpose is still quite controversial in the world. The existence of marijuana is also considered as illegal, but on the other hand is actually a plant that also thrives is a drug that positive benefits were quite a lot. Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors have done natural medical solutions using marijuana for years.

However, although its use is not always harmful, marijuana can affect your body and mind at any time when it enters the body.

Marijuana comes from a plant called Marijuana Sativa. It has an active ingredient called THC, which makes you feel drunk or high. THC and other ingredients in Marijuana can also affect your body’s performance.

There are four types of marijuana are commonly used for by Florida Medical Marijuana. In the United States alone, there are four types of marijuana that have been allowed to be produced for medical or medical purposes, namely:


  • Marinol and Cesamet

These two drugs are used to treat nausea and loss of appetite associated with chemotherapy and in patients with AIDS. This is another form of THC, which is the main ingredient of marijuana that gives a high taste. Both of these drugs were FDA approved in the 1980s.

  • Epidiolex

This drug is used in children with epilepsy and the FDA legalized it in 2013. However, its general use is strictly prohibited.

  • Sativex

Currently being clinically tested in the United States and is a cure for breast cancer. It is a combination of chemicals contained in Marijuana plants and sprayed into the mouth. Sativex is approved in over 20 countries to address muscle spasms from MS and cancer pain.


Health benefits of Marijuana

As reported by Business Insider, marijuana has several other health benefits, which may be rarely known to many people, including you, perhaps.


We all know that using marijuana may cause some problems for our health, starts from decrease sperm quality, exaggerate anxiety, low blood pressure, and others. However, there are some positive sides or benefits of marijuana for health that already known and used by Marijuana Doctors in Florida, such as:

  1. Prevent glaucoma

Marijuana can be used to overcome and prevent the eyes from glaucoma, which increases pressure in the eyeball, damages the optic nerve, and causes vision loss. Marijuana reduces the pressure. Based on research conducted by the National Eye Institute in the early 1970s, people who burn Marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) in people with normal pressure and those with glaucoma. The effects of marijuana can slow the process of the occurrence of this disease, while preventing blindness.


  1. Increase lung capacity

Marijuana does not interfere with lung function, but it can even increase its capacity. In the study, the researchers sampled 5,115 young adults for more than 20 years. Tobacco smokers lose their lung function throughout the time, but marijuana users instead show an increase in lung capacity.


  1. Prevent seizures due to epilepsy

A study conducted in 2003 showed that marijuana can prevent seizures because of epilepsy. Robert J. DeLorenzo, from Virginia Commonwealth University, provides marijuana extract and synthetic marijuana in epileptic mice. The drug of marijuana was given to mice who had seizures for 10 hours. Cannabinoids such as active ingredients in marijuana, THC, control seizures by holding responsive brain cells to control stimulation and regulate relaxation.


  1. Kills some cancer cells

The cannabidiol content in Marijuana can stop cancer by shutting down a gene called Id-1, in a study conducted by researchers from California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, reported in 2007. In many cases, it is believed that Marijuana can kill cells of other cancers.