Do You Have a Substance-Abuse Problem? Understand the Signs

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Do You Have a Substance-Abuse Problem? Understand the Signs

The traditional image of an addicted person is disheveled, poor and down on his or her luck. You may look at yourself and state that you aren’t addicted to any substance because the mirror doesn’t reflect this image. However, thousands of people wake up every day and deal with substance abuse. You may be a high-functioning addict who’s in need of drug rehab Murfreesboro TN. Familiarize yourself with the signs that you are a high-functioning addict. It can turn your life around.


Morning Drinking


You might enjoy a few drinks every evening. Waking up to work or school isn’t a problem. However, your breakfast includes an alcoholic drink.

This scenario points to a high-functioning alcoholic’s routine. There’s nothing particularly wrong, but there’s always alcohol involved in the morning and evening.

If this scenario sounds like something that you do or a loved one participates in, seeking out professional help is a good idea. Drinking alcohol with this type of frequency shouldn’t be the norm.

Apply this thought process to any other drug of choice. Cigarettes, prescription pills and cocaine can also be used in this manner. Starting out the day with a medicated escape is part of an addictive mind.


The “Must-Have” Attitude

Another sign of substance abuse disorder is the “must-have” attitude.

For example, you might be disappointed that a favorite food is out of stock at the market. You’ll simply wait until they restock. A person who’s addicted to a substance, however, won’t have this nonchalant reaction.

If you can’t have your drug of choice, you’ll become irrational. The mind races to find a solution. Traveling around town to find the substance isn’t a ridiculous thought. It’s an absolute necessity.

Feeling as if you cannot function without the substance is addiction. Any other item doesn’t have the same hold over your mind.


Justifying the Use

A sign that addiction has taken hold includes justification. High-functioning individuals may lead busy lives. They participate at work, among family members and with friends. You might be complemented on how much you can drink without feeling the ill effects.

In this case, justifying the drinking can go on for years at a time. The effects will impact the body, however. Disease can set in, and the addiction will catch up with you. Facing the truth about the drug use is probably the hardest part of life.


Serious Side Effects

The side effects to your disorder can be significant. Your body goes through a lot of stress, from digestive issues to cardiovascular problems. Each drug impacts the body in a different way. Chronic ailments, including heart disease, can develop over only a few years.

Side effects also impact your loved ones. They may perceive your actions as normal, which leads them to use a drug themselves. Showing the error in your ways can help your loved ones stay healthy.


Finding the Right Treatment

When you face the truth about your addiction, finding the right treatment is the next step. There are two, main choices: inpatient and outpatient services. Traditionally, inpatient services is the way to go when you need to isolate yourself from a toxic environment. Your drug of choice may still be in the house.

Outpatient treatment can work for high-functioning patients who’re determined to stay on a sober pathway. You remain at home, but you attend private and group sessions during the day or night. Continue to work or go to school while dealing with your dependence. Many people prefer this route, which gives you even more incentive to get clean.


Changing the Environment

Your environment plays a key part in your recovery from addiction. Moving into a new house isn’t necessary, but rearranging it is a good idea. Remove every reminder of your favorite substance from the house. Change the furniture’s arrangement and decorate the walls with new photos or abstract images. These changes tell your mind that you’re starting over.

The signs that you’re a sober individual include hopefulness, numerous goals and overall happiness. There will be temptations and weak times, but they’re a far cry from when you relied on the substance. Continue to stay positive as you greet each day.

Life will have its ups and downs. You must expect challenges in life, but your overall goal should always include a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, you’ll be a proud, hardworking individual who maintains sobriety.

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