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Everything You Need to Know About Law


Law has a broad understanding. Every corner of this life must be linked to the law. Law is a system created by humans to limit human behavior so that it can be controlled. The law is also a tool that can be used to uphold and seek justice. Therefore, every community has the right to obtain a defense before the law so that the law means as a rule or regulation that governs people’s lives and provides sanctions for those who violate it, whether it is written or not. For a more complete explanation of what is meant by law, see the following description of us which also includes the understanding of law according to experts, the purpose of law, and various laws


Definition of Law

Law is a regulation in the form of norms and sanctions that are made with the aim of regulating human behavior, maintaining order, justice, preventing chaos. The law has a duty to guarantee that there is legal certainty in society. Therefore, every person has the right to get a defense before the law.


Legal Purpose

The law has universal goals such as order, peace, peace, happiness and prosperity in social life. With the law, every case can be resolved through a court process with an intermediary of judges based on the applicable legal provisions. The law also aims to prevent and maintain that everyone does not become a judge of himself. Broadly speaking, the objectives of the Law are as follows:


  • Regulate the relationship of human life peacefully.
  • Bring prosperity to the community.
  • Ensure as much happiness as possible for everyone.
  • Become a means of realizing social justice both physically and mentally.
  • Become a means of enforcement in development.
  • Provide guidance for people in the community.
  • As a critical function.



Various kinds of law

There are so many kinds of law that exist in the world. And that also make the services that attorney serve become various, the examples are legal lawyer, attorney for criminal law or civil law, insurance attorney, or even injury attorney such as Rockford Personal Injury Attorney.

For more details, here are some types of law:

  • Law based on its Form: Written law and unwritten law.
  • Laws based on validity areas: local law, national law and international law.
  • Law based on its function: Material Law and Formal Law.
  • Law based on Time: Ius Constitutum, Ius Constituendum, Lex naturalist / Natural Law.
  • Law Based on Its Content: Public Law, Inter-time Law and Private Law. Public Law itself is divided into Constitutional Law, State Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Procedural Law. Whereas Private Law is divided into Personal Law, Family Law, Wealth Law, and Inheritance Law.
  • Personal Law: Law of one class, Law of all groups and Laws between groups.
  • Law Based on Form: Objective Law and Subjective Law.
  • Law based on its nature: compelling law and regulating law.

Why We Need Attorney when Taking Insurance



Insurance in modern times has become a necessity for each person and corporation. In this increasingly advanced era of civilization, people and corporations are increasingly self-aware of the importance and the benefits of insurance for a person and corporation is to provide peace and minimize losses when truly needed, even now insurance has also switched to a means of saving will be able to reap the benefits at a later date by someone and a corporation that participates in an insurance program while investing. On this basis it is not uncommon for every adult to make insurance an inseparable part of the lifestyle or even the inevitable monthly, annual and even long-term needs. The need for insurance demand is certainly directly proportional to the offerings of companies engaged in insurance.

In general, many types and types of insurance are offered on the market, there are Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Home and Property Ownership Insurance, Education Insurance, Business Insurance, General Insurance, Credit Insurance, Marine Insurance, Travel Insurance and others.


Mistakes When Choosing Insurance

In fact, in the field, someone and corporation are sometimes incorrect or wrong in buying insurance products, these mistakes are caused by:

  • Without seeing the credibility of the insurance service provider.
  • Do not know in depth about the actual needs needed.
  • Do not know the needs of the sum insured.
  • Consider insurance as savings.
  • Wrong in determining the insured policy.
  • As long as you buy supporting insurance.
  • Not on target and so on.


These facts sometimes cause problems in the future and can cause seeds of disputes between users of insurance services and insurance providers, which in reality will in fact end up being less than proud, namely through a lawsuit in court, reporting to each other consumer protection agencies and the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, and through other means regulated according to the provisions of the legislation. Such methods actually do not want to be done by both insurance service users and insurance service providers, but the inconvenience of considering and interpreting legal aspects in insurance is sometimes causing friction, accountability between insurance providers and insurance users. It’s not a rare case, there are so many accidents when taking insurance. Therefore, we always need the right attorney before choosing and making decision to take the insurance, such asĀ Ohio personal injury attorney.


The Right Procedures When Taking Insurance

Such conditions are of course very much needed skilled workers and experts both from Advocates / Lawyers / Legal Consultants in the field of Insurance, both to anticipate and resolve disputes between insurance providers and insurance service providers, so that the problems really can provide justice not only to insurance users but also to insurance providers. For this reason, the need for assistance for the best Lawyers / Advocates / Legal Consultants in the insurance field is inevitable in the modern world, because the statement is not only an insurance company, sometimes there are naughty insurance users who …